Basic Kitchen Equipments

No matter if it is a kitchen in a restaurant or one in a home, there are certain items every kitchen should have available. Some of the supplies are obvious to have in a kitchen. There are a few supplies people may not feel are necessary but they are good to have around.


pots and pansPots and pans are a very obvious item to have in any type of kitchen. Nobody would be able to cook without these items. There should be pans for on the stove and other ones for use in the oven. The pots and pans should have various different sizes too, not just one of each. When there are different sizes the cook will be able to make a meal better and make the meal all at one time.


Besides having knives, spoons, and forks to eat with, the kitchen should also be supplied with spatulas, big spoons to use for stirring things, and possibly a whisk. A whisk makes it easier than a fork to blend or combine different items in a mixing bowl.


Having plates and bowls to eat off of are always good to own, but a kitchen should also have other ones too. A kitchen should have bowls big enough to mix things in, like for making cookies, cakes, or a big salad to serve more than one person. It would be a tad difficult to make the batter for cookies and cakes in a bowl one person uses to eat out of.


spicesEach kitchen should be supplied with several different spices. There should be a variety to choose from, not just salt and pepper. Each person likes different types of spices. If there are more than one person in the household or if it is a kitchen in a restaurant, there might be other spices like Cajun, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder, or whatever else the people would enjoy.


Some of the small appliances a kitchen might want are a toaster, crock pot, beater, and microwave. These items come in handy. A microwave is handy to have when heating water or reheating leftovers. A beater helps when mixing things and mixes the ingredients better than using a fork.


kitchen appliancesEvery kitchen, no matter if it is for a home or a restaurant, should have a refrigerator, freezer, and stove/oven. Sometimes a home kitchen can get away with not having a stove and oven if it has a crock pot and toaster oven.